Reasons Why Your Septic Tank at Home is Leaking

There are several scenarios or reasons why your septic tank is leaking. Here are some reasons why.

1. Insufficient Maintenance

Maintenance is a very important part of every aspect that includes usage. Waste water in the septic tank can include non-biodegradable materials and these materials are broken down thus it will stay on the bottom area of your septic tank. Through time, these materials rise to the top or float to the top as the water level rises. If your septic tank has not been through build-up of solid wastes then it is recommended to have it cleaned once every 3 years or 5 years. Thinking that this is the only maintenance you will need is such a liberating feeling because you won’t need to spend much. However, if your septic tank has already gone through build up or is currently having built up problems, then it is recommended to do it twice a year or annually to make sure the build-up is removed properly and will not cause problems in the future.

2. Cleaning Products

Bacteria in your septic tank is important. The cleaning agents you use might be causing these bacteria to lessen in number and if this happens there will be a problem when it comes to breaking down the solid wastes in your septic tank. If ever the bacteria lessen in number then you should expect build up in your septic tank. Through build up, you will definitely experience clogging. Cleaning agents that is harmful to these bacteria include bleach and other toxic cleaning agents.

3. Damaged Pipe

If the pipe connecting your drainage and septic system is damaged then you will definitely have a leakage problem. Damaged pipes can cause overflow. This can be because of problems regarding tree roots having stuck down your drainage pipes causing it to break or clog. If ever you run into this problem, clean up the tree roots and make sure to change the pipes to eliminate the leakage problem.

4. Poor System Overflow

Design of your septic system is vital. In every project, a design is vital to make sure that the beginning of the project as well as every step that follows is accurate and documented. Through this, a professional has a better perspective of what is the structure of the project. In a septic system, it is important to make sure that other factors that may affect the system is catered. If there are trees in the surroundings, it is wise to ensure that these trees will not bring blockage to the pipes. Some other parts of the septic system that needs consideration is the opening of the septic tank. The opening is vital because regular pumping schedule should be followed. Thus, through the right opening size, you are making sure that the vacuum hose responsible for pumping fits perfectly making sure that maintenance is done properly.

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